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[time-freq] More Data

ba at bobby.net ba at bobby.net
Wed Aug 30 16:57:50 UTC 2006

Hi Luis,

I changed my configuration bits to those Steve suggested, 0 at N1,2,4,8, 2048.

There was some change, tune voltage wandered up or down depending on phase 
detector polarity chosen. 

I left the setup running overnight and this morning foound the leds on steady,
at least for the few minutes I was willing to stand and watch. I put a scope on the
tuning voltage port and observed it was at or near 0V. After another minute or so
there was an approx 2v jump that settled back to 0V in a few seconds, then 
2V jump again about 20 seconds later which again settled to 0v. After that the jumps
became more frequent and larger until it was as erratic has it had been the night 

This entire time the counter indicated 10,000,000, with an occasional 9,999,999
with no correllation to the leds. The leds seem to light only when the tune 
voltage is at or near 0V (50 to 100mv of approx 10 MHz noise).

Any thoughts ?

73 Bobby

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