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[time-freq] RefLock II REF?

Steven Bible srbible at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 19 18:22:26 UTC 2006

Hi Mike,

If you are using the 'r2_enhpps_30_1' configuration file, that is, you are using the GPS 1PPS code, then the REF input is not used.  The P6 1PPS 2-pin connector is your 'reference' input for 1PPS this application.

So let's summarize, if you are building a GPS disciplined oscillator from the Reflock II, the OCXO output connects to the VCXO IN SMA connector, the voltage tune of the OCXO connects to the VTUNE SMA connector, the GPS 1 PPS signal connects to P6.

And yes, you can use the voltage regulator outputs on the Reflock II board to power the GPS.  And P6 has a voltage divider so that if the 1PPS is a 5V TTL signal will be divided down to 3.3V for the CPLD.

Does this help?

Steve N7HPR

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>Subject: [time-freq] RefLock II REF?
>Dear Steve -
>I'm trying to implement the Reflock II for 1PPS in, 100.000 MHz out.  I
>have a nice 100 MHz OCXO.  I understand that VTUNE and OCXO out go to
>the OCXO.  What is REF and what does it do?  I can see that it's an
>input into the CPLD but nothing tells me what to do with it.  (I
>apologize if this is today's Stupid Question).  
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