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[time-freq] RefLock II behavior

Owen, Michael Michael.Owen at Sensis.com
Tue Jun 20 21:02:06 UTC 2006

Dear friends,

Thanks to Steve Bible, I got my brain un-stuck and figured out how to
set the 0-ohm jumpers (I'll summarize everything in a couple of days
when it's all finished and my shame has faded).

For right now, I have a question.  RefLock plus my pretty good OCXO are
trying to settle at 100 MHz but there are sharp spikes every few
minutes.  Here's an image:


The time span is about 40 minutes.  Even after 3+ hours, the spikes are
still there (although more rarely).  Does anyone have an idea how to get
rid of them?

73, W9IP

Michael R. Owen, Ph.D.
Senior System Engineer
Sensis Corporation
(315) 634-3066 

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