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[time-freq] Assembled RefLock II availability?

Randy hamradio at oz.net
Thu Mar 16 16:53:38 UTC 2006

While on the subject of RefLock II, do you know when the assembled
version will be available?  Last I heard it was in the works and should
be available soon.  Any idea when?
de Randy, W7HR
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Hi Michael,
The file "r2_enhpps_30_1.txt" on the configurations zip folder
has it all.
I agree it is in a "very compact style" but in fact should have it all.
Take a look, and if there are specific questions, let me know
(do it to the list please) I'll be glad to reply.
Luis Cupido.
P.S. note that the N numbers on the PCB have different meaning for
each "pof" configuration file. Be sure to read the " *.pin " for the
of where is what.
The  " f_conf "  configures the lock point (that is the multiple of ).
for 100. 000 000 MHz use f_conf= 0,0
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