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[time-freq] Assembled RefLock II availability?

Steven Bible n7hpr at tapr.org
Fri Mar 17 01:46:21 UTC 2006

Hello Randy,

I am still working on it.  Sorry for the delay.  What I've learned is that
even if we take the existing Reflock II kit and assemble it, there is still
much you need to do to get it up and running.  For example, the recent
questions on the list on how to configure the Reflock II.  You configure the
Reflock II by jumpers and customize by programming the CPLD.

Presently, the jumpers are solder on zero-ohm resistors that are 0603 size.
The reason why I designed the solder on jumpers is to make a solid
connection given that your Reflock II is to be rugged and reliable.  I was
worried that jumpers could become intermitent over time.

Then there's the programming of the CPLD - and programming depends on what
you want to do with the Reflock II.  And it requires a special programmer -
I've created a low-cost kit or you can buy one from http://www.minford.ca/
(also look on eBay and search for Altera ByteBlaster).

What I have decided to do is to learn from the Reflock II's that are out
there.  So far everyone is happy (except for those that want an assembled
one :-).  I think I'll go ahead and add the jumpers and preprogram the CPLD
with the GPS 1PPS (as this seems to be the most often used mode).  Then the
assembled units will be easier for you to integrate.

I am always open for suggestions and ideas.


- Steve, N7HPR
 (n7hpr at tapr.org)

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Subject: [time-freq] Assembled RefLock II availability?

While on the subject of RefLock II, do you know when the assembled version
will be available?  Last I heard it was in the works and should be available
soon.  Any idea when?

de Randy, W7HR


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Subject: Re: [time-freq] RefLock II configuration

Hi Michael,

The file "r2_enhpps_30_1.txt" on the configurations zip folder
has it all.
I agree it is in a "very compact style" but in fact should have it all.
Take a look, and if there are specific questions, let me know
(do it to the list please) I'll be glad to reply.

Luis Cupido.

P.S. note that the N numbers on the PCB have different meaning for
each "pof" configuration file. Be sure to read the " *.pin " for the
of where is what.

The  " f_conf "  configures the lock point (that is the multiple of ).
for 100. 000 000 MHz use f_conf= 0,0

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