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[time-freq] Handling 0603 parts

Lyle Johnson kk7p at wavecable.com
Wed May 3 16:57:19 UTC 2006

Hello Steve!

> I've been thinking, a good TAPR project would be to create a 
> surface mount tool kit.  The contents would be organic flux
> solder in various sizes, organic flux liquid, dispensing bottle,
> solder wick, and tweezers.  Anything else that should be part
> of the kit?  What would people like to have?  How much should
> the kit cost?  Or are there other places that sell these tools
> in a kit form?

I think this is an excellent idea.

When I purchased organic flux, I had to pay a *lot* extra to UPS for 
shipping as the flux is considered hazardous.

I use Kester 63/37 "66" core solder with flux "331" in 0.025" diameter, 
and have never had need to use larger or smaller for any SMT work I have 
done.  It is fine enough for the tiniest lead pitches.

Similarly, I have used all sorts of solder wick sizes and find the 
0.055" width to be just fine for everything I do.  Could be a little 
smaller or even a little larger.


Lyle KK7P

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