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[time-freq] Handling 0603 parts

tom_holmes at agilent.com tom_holmes at agilent.com
Wed May 3 18:28:47 UTC 2006

Hi Steve...

I would vote for the SMT Tool kit, and if there is anything that can be added to assist with part removal, that would be great. I think it would expand the potential market, as a lot of folks want to repair equipment or modify their designs, too.

If shipping the flux pens is a problem, we can always tell people what to order from D-K. It may be possible to ship them if the quantity involved is below some limit, or there is some consideration in the packaging that reduces the hazard. What is in the organic stuff--alcohols or the like? Doesn't seem likely if it washes off with soap and water, but that's usually what organic implies to me, hydrocarbons.



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Hi Lyle,

Thanks for the input. 

I think it will be the same issue shipping even small amounts of the flux in the kit.  Need to research this.

If I recall ordering the flux pens from Digi-Key maybe they came ground for the same reason.  Then shipping overseas will be another problem !

- Steve N7HPR

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>From: Lyle Johnson <kk7p at wavecable.com>
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>Hello Steve!
>> I've been thinking, a good TAPR project would be to create a 
>> surface mount tool kit.  The contents would be organic flux
>> solder in various sizes, organic flux liquid, dispensing bottle,
>> solder wick, and tweezers.  Anything else that should be part
>> of the kit?  What would people like to have?  How much should
>> the kit cost?  Or are there other places that sell these tools
>> in a kit form?
>I think this is an excellent idea.
>When I purchased organic flux, I had to pay a *lot* extra to UPS for 
>shipping as the flux is considered hazardous.
>I use Kester 63/37 "66" core solder with flux "331" in 0.025" diameter, 
>and have never had need to use larger or smaller for any SMT work I have 
>done.  It is fine enough for the tiniest lead pitches.
>Similarly, I have used all sorts of solder wick sizes and find the 
>0.055" width to be just fine for everything I do.  Could be a little 
>smaller or even a little larger.
>Lyle KK7P

\r\n- Steve\r\n  (n7hpr at tapr.org)\r\n

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