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[time-freq] 0603 Parts Pick-up

tom_holmes at agilent.com tom_holmes at agilent.com
Fri May 5 14:02:25 UTC 2006


The production placement machines I have seen do just that. A small dab of glue, then plop the part in it to hold it through the solder process. A vacuum cleaner would be a huge amount of air flow, and noise. I think you could go to an auto parts store and find a small electric pump, or even a hand pump that would be a much better, and more lovable, solution.

I'm a bit surprised that only one of the messages in this thread talked about using glue to hold parts when hand placing. Maybe I just missed the obvious assumption.



Tom Holmes, N8ZM
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Is there such a thing as a vacuum pickup for picking up parts? I was  
thinking of rigging something up to my vacuum cleaner (say some  
automotive vacuum hose) and attach it to a piece of glass, like a  
pipette, with a hole in the side of it, that could be used to pick up  
the small parts, and place them on the board in position. The part  
could be soldered in place, and the vacuum reduced enough that the  
vacuum tip releases the part. I'd use glass, as it won't melt at the  
solder temperature, and the glass tubing is easy to work with a  
propane torch.

Anyone experimented with a tool such as this? I think it would keep  
parts from flying away, as with tweezers/ forceps.


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