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[time-freq] Announcing the TADD-3 Pulse Distribution Amplifier

Christopher T. Day CTDay at lbl.gov
Wed May 17 16:27:05 UTC 2006


I got to wondering about this since I am just finishing up my own
RefLock II board, so I'm still exploring possibilities. CPLD overkill
doesn't matter to me at this point since I already have the RefLock II.
Fan out I can understand, but my TADD-3 kit just arrived, and the TADD-1
is inevitable eventually; I would think that would cover the fanout
issue, although not the different frequencies at each output, which I
guess is the critical feature of the TADD-2. I'm a little surprised at
your cost estimate since the RefLock II is $99 as a kit and the TADD-1
is $98.

Sorry if I'm nit picking, but I'm new to this stuff and I'm trying to
learn the important factors people consider in their designs. Thanks for
taking the time to explain them to me.

	Chris - AE6VK

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From: John Ackermann N8UR [mailto:jra at febo.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 4:00 AM
To: TAPR time and frequency projects
Subject: Re: [time-freq] Announcing the TADD-3 Pulse Distribution

Hi Chris --

Yes, the Reflock hardware could do the TADD-2 function, but the CPLD on 
that board is overkill for the task, and it lacks a few things that will

be useful in a dedicated divider, like multiple outputs (the TADD-2 will

have six low-Z outputs and two RS-232 outputs, each of which can be 
strapped to one of five or six output frequencies ranging from 100kHz to

1pps).  The Reflock is also quite a bit more expensive than we hope the 
TADD-2 will be.


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