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[time-freq] Announcing the TADD-3 Pulse Distribution Amplifier

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Wed May 17 16:53:36 UTC 2006

Hi Chris --

You have valid points.  I think it's mainly that the projects were 
conceived independently with different end goals in mind.  The TADD-2 
was actually the first of the TADD kits to be thought of; the others got 
ahead of it for a number of reasons, including my own inexperience at 
doing work with programmable devices.

A Reflock driving a TADD-3 would be a perfectly suitable combination and 
I won't try to talk you out of it.

I was probably misremembering the price of the Reflock when I threw out 
the pricing comment.  One downside of the Reflock for many people is the 
fact that it's fairly fine pitch surface mount.  The TADD-2 will be 
through-hole using a CPLD that comes in a 44 pin PLCC (hope I got that 
right; I'm away from my datasheets) package.  It's too early to tell on 
its pricing, but I expect it will be in the range of the TADD-1, or 
possibly somewhat cheaper, depending on what we find when we look at 
volume pricing for the parts.


Christopher T. Day wrote:
> John,
> I got to wondering about this since I am just finishing up my own
> RefLock II board, so I'm still exploring possibilities. CPLD overkill
> doesn't matter to me at this point since I already have the RefLock II.
> Fan out I can understand, but my TADD-3 kit just arrived, and the TADD-1
> is inevitable eventually; I would think that would cover the fanout
> issue, although not the different frequencies at each output, which I
> guess is the critical feature of the TADD-2. I'm a little surprised at
> your cost estimate since the RefLock II is $99 as a kit and the TADD-1
> is $98.
> Sorry if I'm nit picking, but I'm new to this stuff and I'm trying to
> learn the important factors people consider in their designs. Thanks for
> taking the time to explain them to me.
> 	Chris - AE6VK
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> Hi Chris --
> Yes, the Reflock hardware could do the TADD-2 function, but the CPLD on 
> that board is overkill for the task, and it lacks a few things that will
> be useful in a dedicated divider, like multiple outputs (the TADD-2 will
> have six low-Z outputs and two RS-232 outputs, each of which can be 
> strapped to one of five or six output frequencies ranging from 100kHz to
> 1pps).  The Reflock is also quite a bit more expensive than we hope the 
> TADD-2 will be.
> John
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