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[time-freq] State of assembled RefLock II?

Steven Bible n7hpr at tapr.org
Thu May 25 14:50:07 UTC 2006

Hi Randy,

My intent was to have the present Reflock II (Rev. D) design constructed by
a CM.  What I have learned from the several Reflock II's that have been sold
and constructed, is that even if they are assembled, you still have to
program them and solder on the jumpers (that are 0603 0-ohm resistors).
This has taught me is that I need to do a redesign that puts shunt-jumpers
in place of the 0-ohm resistors so that you don't have to worry with any
soldering.  The programming of the CPLD is relatively easy.  Either we can
pre-program them or you can purchase a low-cost programmer (for example, the
Minford Technologies (http://www.minford.ca/index.html) is US$29.00 or I
have a programmer kit in the works.

In the interrium, I or someone can voluteer to build one for you.  I also
know that there are several others our there that want an assembled unit.


- Steve, N7HPR
 (n7hpr at tapr.org)

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> Hi:
> What is the latest estimate as to when the assembled RefLock II units
> will be available?
> Thanks.
> de Randy, W7HR
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