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[time-freq] WTB: Edge connector for HP 10811 OCXO

Steven Bible n7hpr at tapr.org
Sun May 28 21:27:31 UTC 2006


This is great, I've been looking for these as well.

There appears to be several for order at ARROW.  The part number is
"EB81-A15SGFV T02".


I was not able to find the part at Mouser, Avnet, or Newark.

Randy, is this the connector?  I'll have to order a few this week.


- Steve, N7HPR
 (n7hpr at tapr.org)

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Subject: [time-freq] WTB: Edge connector for HP 10811 OCXO


The current cross is Vishay EB8 series.  I believe you can still order
these, at least in t/h termination, from one of the usual US places
(Digi-Key, Newark or Mouser).


I am looking for one or two, new or used, 15-pin edge connectors for an
HP 10811 10 MHz OCXO.  Does anyone have any to spare?  I thought I had
some in the junk box but no luck.  The connector is the older, larger
style than what seems to be most common today and has approx. 5/32 inch
pin spacing.  Thanks.

de Randy, W7HR
Port Orchard, WA
retired at easystreet.com

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