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[time-freq] TADD-3 Manual Errata

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Wed May 31 12:53:36 UTC 2006

Robert McGwier wrote:
> You are one or two days ahead of me.  I will be finishing Thursday 
> (both) in Hambly's basement and then we begin testing for variations due 
> to temperature, and other useful characterizations with his suite of 
> timing toys.  Thanks for these errata.

I'm glad you'll be doing some tempco testing.  TVB did a bit of that on 
the TADD-1, and found that the very first prototype was really 
excellent, but the beta board was only so-so.  I suspect this was due to 
the fact that the beta board had the 10MHz BPF installed, and I didn't 
have the best caps available when I built it.  I'd be very interested in 
knowing the tempco performance without the BPF.

By the way, I had a chance to do a phase noise measurement of the TADD-1 
using an HP 3048A system and need to get the plot posted.  In short, the 
performance is similar to the specs for the HP distribution amp (can't 
recall the number off the top of my head).  As expected, the far-out 
noise performance isn't superb given the broadband response of the 
MAX477 chips, but the close-in performance was very good.  I believe it 
was -140dB/c(1 Hz) or better from about 100Hz on out.  I'll get the plot 
added to the manual and probably added to the web page.


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