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[time-freq] Ex ReflockII

ba at bobby.net ba at bobby.net
Mon Sep 18 23:38:44 UTC 2006

Hi Luis,

>Could you use a signal generator for 10MHz
to place yourself easily above and below 10MHz
to inspect the behavior of the circuit ?

I don't think I'll be trying a variable 10 MHz source with the reflock for a while.
The reflock board appears to have clutched it's little chest and crapped out. 
Both LEDs are on constant, the CPLD won't respond for reprogramming, and the Quartus
software says the JTAG is not communicating. 
While the CPLD is available from Altera for about $25, and I can handle the soldering,
I just don't seem to have the motivation to tilt at this particular windmill anymore right now.

Thanks for your help (everyone's help) and efforts.

73 Bobby

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