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[time-freq] What are the steps for building NanoBSD that the website does not go into?

michael taylor mctylr at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 05:19:27 UTC 2007

On Dec 10, 2007 11:03 PM, Gregg Levine <gregg.drwho8 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  it explains in a fashion how to put together a NanoBSD image.
> However there must be something missing there. Like where is the
> sourcecode found? Should the builder work with the raw code from the
> FreeBSD ftp site(s)?

NanoBSD is simply a FreeBSD image built using the nanobsd.sh shell
script located in (/usr/src/tools/tools/nanobsd/ ).

So the most likely want to have a sync'ed copy of the FreeBSD src tree
from CVS (See: <http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/cvsup.html>,
using 'csup' or 'cvsup' and I suggest release 'RELENG_6_2' as your
source tree).

> And can NanoBSD be considered the descendant of the PicoBSD image idea?

AFAIK, yes.

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