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[time-freq] RE: Reflock II

Steven Bible n7hpr at tapr.org
Sun Feb 11 00:00:41 UTC 2007

Hi Randy,

Not yet.  The present design does not lend itself well to an assembled and
tested version because the configuration jumpers are SMT 0603 0-ohm
resistors.  What I need to do is a redesign that puts 100 mil 2-pin jumpers
in place of the resistors.  Then send it to a contract manufacturer.

The timing of when I can get to this is unknown.  I've been swamped with
working on HPSDR and SuitSat-2.  If I can find some time, I'll hope to get
the redesign done.  In the mean time, perhaps a volunteer can build one up
for you.


- Steve, N7HPR
 (n7hpr at tapr.org)

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> Is the Reflock II available as a fully-assembled unit yet?  Does
> anyone know
> the status?
> Thanks
> de Randy, W7HR
> Port Orchard, WA
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