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[time-freq] Introduction, I'm getting late into the GPS disciplined oscillator game...

David Garnier dgarnier at wi.rr.com
Sun Jan 7 18:47:26 UTC 2007


My name is Dave and I'm finally in the process of building a GPS 
disciplined clock...

I am using is a Mot Oncore receiver, R5122U1154 mfg date 1/17/01. My outdoor
gps antenna is Mot Oncore antenna 97 attached to 20 foot mast.

(I am waiting for delivery of a Trimble Resolution-T receiver, this 
aught to be interesting
to compare the two receivers.)

_Questions_. Concerning the operation the Oncore UT+ receiver's Traim.
1) In your experience, what setting of Traim works well for you?  (I'm 
using a setting of 5.)
2) What's the typical Negative Sawtooth "swing" you are seeing? (I'm 
seeing a 42 nS to -42 nS swing.)

3) Anybody playing with the Oncore's oscillator settings?  They are set 
to zero on mine.

I gotta run, thanks for your time.


Dave Garnier - wb9own

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