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[time-freq] Assembled GPS timing kits?

michael taylor mctylr at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 03:59:51 UTC 2007

On 7/12/07, John Koster <w9ddd at tapr.org> wrote:
> Only the LVC versions have the PPS signal, so that's probably the one you
> need.  The tech manual does show how to connect it to the RS 232 port.
> You could steal the +5VDC from the USB, replace the 'battery' in their
> diagram with a USB connector.  The diagram doesn't show where to connect
> the PPS signal (yellow wire), you'd have to check the NTP docs to see
> where that should go.

Thank you for being much clearer than I was about the various Garmin
18 models, sorry for any confusion I may of caused.

The reasons I mentioned the 18PC was a) no soldering, and b) I was
thinking that the non-PPS synchronized signal from the 18 PC is "good
enough" resolution for a generic PC's ability to resolve to the
micro-second level - which I think is about the limit of public
stratus 2 NTP servers "offer" over the Internet. I haven't verify this
guess, so take it with a grain of salt.

I am also uncertain whether you can get ~100 ns or better accuracy
(and stability) with a x86 PC's clock (CPU clock frequency, not RTC).

*) Without modification, such as TAPR /N8UR's Clock Block.

-Michael, VE3TIX

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