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[time-freq] Reflock II programming??

kb8u vhf kb8u_vhf at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 25 18:28:50 UTC 2007

I have a 10Mhz OCXO and want to connect it to a DownEast Microwave weak 
signal source (a 192 Mhz oscillator with some multipliers to 1152 MHz + 
harmonics out).  Somewhere I have a bookmark to a mod. to convert the 192 
crystal oscillator to a VCXO (I haven't dived into that yet).

I built the TAPR kit of the Reflock II but I'm not sure of the next steps 
neede to make it tick.

Can someone point me to an inexpensive JTAG programmer and software?  Or 
better yet, is there some kind soul I could ship it to that would be willing 
it program it for a nominal fee?  I'd prefer not to buy something and spend 
the time learning how to use it for just one part one time.

How about setting the jumpers?  I think for 10 and 192 Mhz I need R=5 and 
N=96, yes?  Any other jumpers to set?

Thanks, Russ KB8U

P.S. sorry if this has been covered in the past, the web page to search the 
archives of this email list is broken.

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