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[time-freq] motorola oncore not locking to the 1 pps

Geert Stams pa3csg at gmail.com
Sun May 6 05:54:19 UTC 2007

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for your reply! I tried to find the version of the motorola but 
no luck. The software doesnot show it and I don't know how to reveal.
Yes I tried the command line option also. But it didnot work. Same 
result. I guess the winoncore software is just a graphical user 
interface to the commandline.

Thanks anyway!



Bobby schreef:
> Someone else will probably give you a better answer (hopefully).
> I think the answer is going to in part depend on which model oncore 
> you have.
> I recall there is both a setable (and you have to write it out to gps 
> to take effect) bit
> controlling 1pps output. As well as later models having a setting 
> for RAIM(?) minimum
> quality required before 1pps functions.
> Sorry for such vague answers, it's been a while since doodling with 
> the oncores. 
> Bobby  k4bga
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>     Hello!
>     I have a motorola oncore GPS receiver which I am trying to get
>     working
>     with a reflock version one.
>     I am sure that the reflock circuit is working. But the unit will not
>     lock to the 1pps for an unknown reason. Well not completely
>     unknown......
>     Checking the GPS receiver with the winoncore software shows
>     satellites
>     and nmea data on the screen. But only when switched to the NMEA
>     protocol. Nothing in the motorola protocol. Checking the options /
>     timing  button it shows the 1PPS being always switched "off"
>     Problem is
>     that I am not able to switch it on. It will return immediately to the
>     "off" status when clicking the options / timing button.
>     Is this the case of a partly broken GPS receiver? Or am I doing
>     something (terrible stupid) wrong?
>     Looking forward in hearing your opinion.
>     Have a nice weekend!
>     Kind regards,
>     Geert Stams (pa3csg)
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