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[time-freq] Rockwell MicroTracker Documents

Eric Lemmon wb6fly at verizon.net
Tue Aug 3 03:40:44 UTC 2010

I recently bought several Rockwell MicroTracker GPS modules P/N
TU00-D200-401 from Weirdstuff, and quickly learned that they are completely
different from the Jupiter module.  The MicroTracker has only 5 channels, it
does not output 10 kHz, and it has a different connector pinout from the
Jupiter.  Once I connected it correctly, the MicroTracker module works as I
expected.  Nevertheless, I would like to obtain copies of the following
Rockwell documents for scanning and posting on the appropriate lists for the
benefit of all time and frequency geeks:

MicroTracker LP Operations Manual, Rockwell International Corporation,
GPS-16, January 10, 1994
MicroTracker LP Designer's Guide, Rockwell International Corporation,
GPS-22, January 1, 1995

If any reader of this list has clean and complete hard copies of one or both
of the above documents, please contact me directly at mycall at verizon dot
net.  Thanks!

73, Eric Lemmon WB6FLY

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