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[time-freq] Recommendations for GPS clock receiver?

Chris Day scotstramp at msn.com
Tue Jun 1 22:45:53 UTC 2010

That certainly looks like an interesting device. If I were to put it on my roof with ~50' of RG-174, how much degredation of the timing signals should I expect? My naive impression is that the relevent frequencies are pretty low so, other than the cable length and velocity factors, not much would happen. But I'm very new at this stuff, so will easily miss subtleties. Any pointers to relevent info would be much appreciated.



Chris Day



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Subject: Re: [time-freq] Recommendations for GPS clock receiver?
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Here s something to consider


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Subject: [time-freq] Recommendations for GPS clock receiver?
I have lying around a working Reflock II and an Excaliber card from TAPR/HPSDR. I also have the software and accessories to code for and program the Reflock II. I think the basic thing I'm missing for a GPS Diciplined Oscillator is then a GPS receiver with 1 PPS clock output and stationary mode (I think that's what it's called). Does this make sense, and if so, anyone have a recommendation for such a receiver? All the consumer grade things I've seen so far don't let me get the clock. I had thought of going with a Trimble Thunderbolt, but got burned on an Internet purchase of one. If that's the way to go, is there anything newer/better/cheaper? Thanks.
Chris Day
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