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[time-freq] Trimble Thunderbolt 1 PPS problem

Sylvain RICHARD sr75pro at free.fr
Tue Feb 22 14:47:59 UTC 2011

Le 22/02/2011 13:47, Alan P. Biddle a écrit :
> I have a Thunderbolt which I acquired from a Chinese source on eBay to use
> as a 10 MHz standard.  That has been working fine for two years.  Recently,
> I looked at the 1 PPS output for use with an experiment.  According to the
> monitor program, it should be working, and the 1 PPS output is enabled.
> However, the output is either DC high or low, depending on whether it is set
> to rising or falling trigger, with no transition.  I have looked at it with
> a 400 MHz Techtronics scope, which certainly should be fast enough to see
> it, and can see the 1 PPS from a Garmin GPS.
> Alan

The 1pps is very sharp. Before you declare the output dead, have a look at

Good luck,


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