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[time-freq] Reflock 2

Merv Thomas vk6bmt at iinet.net.au
Wed Feb 29 09:49:29 UTC 2012

Hi - I have a populated board that is not working.  The output of the BFT92 
transistor on the REF input chain - that is the input to CPLD pin 89 GCLK2 
is being pulled down to about 180 mv. If I cut the trace on the board to 
this pin then the output from the BF92 goes up to 2.6v  Seems like an 
internal short in the CPLD chip.

The input to pin 91 GCLK3 has 2.6v on it from the BF92 in the VCXO input 
chain which seems correct.

Does this show that the CPLD is not serviceable please?

I know most of the forum comments on this subject go back some years so I am 
hoping that maybe Luis Cupido or someone can answer my question!!!

Regards,Merv  VK6BMT 

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