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[time-freq] VHLD Files - Reflock 2

Merv Thomas vk6bmt at iinet.net.au
Sun Mar 4 12:05:30 UTC 2012

Hi Luis - I wonder if you have had time to find the files.  My expert friend 
was thinking of reallocating the function of pin 89 REF input to another 
unused clock input so I could cut the trace to pin 89 and then run a jumper 
from the collector of the BFT92 to that other pin on the CPLD.

Does this sound feasible please?

Having delays getting a replacement CPLD as Farnell(Element14) sources out 
of Singapore who want and End User Statement before shipping and one of the 
requirements is a copy of my identity card and as we do not have such a card 
in Australia I have had to cancel the order.   Now awaiting shipment 
possibly from the UK.

So the pin swapping may be a way of avoiding desoldering the CPLD.


Merv  VK6BMT 

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