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[time-freq] TAPR "TADD-2 Mini" PPS Divider Now Available

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Sun Mar 25 23:41:06 UTC 2012

[ Apologies if this is a duplicate. ]

We are happy* to announce that TAPR is now accepting orders for the 
TADD-2 Mini (or T2-Mini) pulse-per-second ("PPS") frequency divider:

The T2-Mini is a tiny (0.75 x 2.0 inch) board that accepts a 1, 2.5, 5, 
or 10 MHz input and uses a PIC chip running open source firmware to 
divide it to a PPS signal.  Changing the firmware can allow applications 
such as 32.768 kHz output to drive clock chips.

Why do you need a PPS divider?  If you want to measure the 
characteristics of an oscillator, PPS comparisons can be much more 
precise than a typical frequency counter and can be done with simple 
equipment.  Dividing your oscillator to a PPS signal allows easy direct 
comparison against GPS.  Every time-nut needs one (or several...)

The T2-Mini uses surface mount parts tightly jammed on a very small 
board.  TAPR offers three versions, each with all SMT parts installed:

*  Board alone for $44 ($39 for TAPR members)

*  Board with programmed PIC chip, connectors, and other required parts 
for $55 ($49 for TAPR members)

*  Assembled and power-tested version for a price still to be finalized, 
but probably about $79.  If you're interested, please contact TAPR via 

We are taking orders for the basic and connector-kit versions now, with 
shipment expected in about three weeks.

For more information, or to order, go to 
http://www.tapr.org/kits_t2-mini.html.  A preliminary version of the 
product manual is at http://www.tapr.org/~n8ur/T2_Mini_Manual.pdf


*  You don't know *how* happy -- T2-Mini design started three years ago, 
but it's amazing how life can get in the way of the fun stuff...

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