[time-freq] Does Tadd-3 fatten the 1pps?

Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 22 17:47:25 CDT 2013

The tadd-3 does not stretch the pulse.


 From: Kevin Payne <kevin_payne at frontiergeo.com>
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Subject: [time-freq] Does Tadd-3 fatten the 1pps?

We just bought a FATPPS and a TADD-3.  The FATPPS manual says it stretches the 1pps to 30milliseconds.  
Does the TADD-3 do this as well, or does it just split the trigger
    into multiple outputs?  The TADD-3 manual says it has "two RS232
    level outputs designed to drive the serial port of a PC".  Does this
    mean a longer pulse?  Or do I need to use the FATPPS on the RS232
    output of the TADD3?

We are trying to take the NEMA and 1pps of a GPS unit (Satloc SLXg3)
    as input, and as output we want a 1PPS BNC, and a second output of
    RS232 NEMA and fattened 1PPS.



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