[time-freq] TADD-1 Distribution Amplifier Available Again!

modmix modmix at gmx.de
Sat Mar 22 15:33:23 CDT 2014

Good news, John.

I just completed mine using THS4271D on brown dog adaptors a couple of 
weeks ago - works. Have no means to measure noise, though.
I'm still waiting for a 4 µV TPS7A4700 on a TO-220 pcb - might be a bit 
quieter compared to LM7809. Would you agree?

> Well, now I have and the AD8055 does in fact work fine.  In fact a 
> TADD-1 with the AD8055 tested a couple of dB quieter than an otherwise 
> identical board with the MAX477 (see the attached plot).  Gain and 
> bandwidth are very similar.

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