[Uronode] 2.2 released

jj ve1jot at eastlink.ca
Wed Oct 1 04:41:53 CDT 2014

compiled, installed and running at ve1jot...thanks Brian!

On 14-10-01 02:26 AM, Brian wrote:
> Greetings;
> I have released version 2.2 of URONode. You may find it in the typical
> location. If you have version 2.2-R1 you may be OK with that, your
> choice. I just fixed a couple of minor cosmetics before this release.
> IF you require static binaries (such as you use Ubuntu/Mint/etc) I have
> uronode-elf-2.2.tgz available as well. I believe 2.0 was my last binary
> release... so it should be upgraded.
> Happy ftp-ing/compiling/etc...

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