[Uronode] Todays uronode-2.2 compilation...

Brian Rogers n1uro at gmx.com
Thu Oct 2 15:10:50 CDT 2014


> flexd.c:13:33: fatal error: netax25/kernel_ax25.h: No such file or
> directory
> compilation terminated.
> make: *** [flexd.o] Error 1

I must have shipped the wrong flexd.c.... ugh! Thanks! I'll have to
repackage it.

> flexd:     FAILED! - perhaps you didn't want flexnet?
> This is not an error if you chose NO to flexnet.
> This only means the flexnet daemon binary was not found.
> Process complete!

That would be correct.

>  7. I Made 3 following symlinks:
>      - ln
> -s /usr/include/netax25/ax25.h   /usr/include/netax25/kernel_ax25.h
>      - ln
> -s /usr/include/netrom/netrom.h  /usr/include/netrom/kernel_netrom.h
>      - ln
> -s /usr/include/netrose/rose.h   /usr/include/netrose/kernel_rose.h

No need to have done that. It would have been easier to change it in

> 10. Time to make upgrade, which ended with following messages:

> install -m 644 -p uronode.conf  /etc/ax25
> install: cannot stat `uronode.conf': No such file or directory
> make: *** [upgrade] Error 1
> sp2lob at linux:/tmp/uronode-2.2# 

It refused to overwrite previous .conf file - in a way this is good. One
single line needs to be added.

> Final question, why this message: 
> "install: cannot stat `uronode.conf': No such file or directory"
> if everything is where it is supposed to be, please?

You need to add a line in uronode.conf:

RoseId  sp2lob-#@########## or you can use the word: none

> Now, when I have all new binaries and supporting files in place,
> time to fire-up newly compiled uronode-2.1!!!
> Hope to see it working smoothly, as previous relese!

You mean 2.2?

> As the last, in February this year when compiling something
> (do not remember what) on my desktop PC amd_x86_64 running also
> Debian-7.5 I've got to make three exactly same symlinks!!!
> Coincidence??? 

Older software looks for the old header files, so symlinks would be your
best bet.

> Apologizes for quite long post, 
> but I think it may be of some use for others too.

Yes it is, and you found an error where I submitted the wrong flexd.c

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