[Uronode] Connect issue

Libor Berka ok2pen at seznam.cz
Wed Oct 22 07:13:56 CDT 2014

Brian I am turning to you with the following:

I have in my netrom table the node PY2ZEN-6. When I call it
it connects then disconnects. Where is the problem in uronode ?
Is it something wrong in uronode.perms ?
Below is the sample:

ok2pen at SJCCTY:OK2PEN-5 Cmds ?:/uronode$ c py2zen-6
Trying ZENNOD:PY2ZEN-6... hit <Enter> to abort
Virtual circuit established to ZENNOD:PY2ZEN-6

Returning you to the shell...
ok2pen at SJCCTY:OK2PEN-5 Cmds ?:/uronode$


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