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[wxsig] A general question to the sig's

James Stewart jimstew at optonline.net
Tue Aug 10 14:22:19 UTC 2004

I'm trying to beacon or put a standard text file into the LT buffers in a
TNC with out much success may be  the file is to big I will attach a sample
copy of the size of the file.  Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.
This file comes directly from the new Peet Bros 2100 keyboard and is created
by any com program and is updated once every minute.

Wind:     Cur   0.0MPH 195Deg, 1mAvg   0.0MPH,  5mPeak   0.0MPH   0Deg
           Hi   6.9MPH 191Deg
WChill:   Cur  72.8F, Lo  65.9F
Temp Out: Cur  72.8F, Hi  73.5F, Lo  65.9F
Temp In:  Cur  79.3F, Hi  79.3F, Lo  77.2F
Hum Out:  Cur 100.0%, Hi 100.0%, Lo 100.0%
Baro:     Cur  30.02inHg, Hi  30.18inHg, Lo  30.02inHg, 3hr chg 934.6inHg
Dewpt:    Cur  72.8F
Heatx:    Cur  77.0F
Rain:   Today   0.02in, Since 07/24/04:    1.96in

James Stewart

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