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[wxsig] Beta kits

John Koster w9ddd at tapr.org
Mon Jul 19 20:56:41 UTC 2004

Today I shipped 5 beta kits to those who responded to Will's announcement
(quite some time ago, I'm afraid) of the 'lottery' winners.

I won't go into details, but a mountain of personal issues delayed my
shipping of them.

They went out UPS ground from Texas, so figure accordingly.  (the one to
Canada actually goes out tomorrow via air mail)

The kits are supposed to be complete except for the 32MHz oscillator which
I will ship shortly.  Will please announce which part to leave off the
board, since I didn't pull them back out of the kits.

John Koster, W9DDD
<w9ddd at tapr.org>

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