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[wxsig] Beta Kits

William Beals will at beals5.com
Wed Jul 21 04:27:36 UTC 2004


I put a call out about a month ago for beta volunteers and picked seven
random folk from the volunteers at that time.  Those kits just went out
(with workarounds as noted).  The main thing I hope to get out of this beta
run is to get a better sampling of radios other than mine to see how well
the kit works.  I have a few nagging sofware issues (my data shows up fine
on findu, but not on my D700) and a very rare lockup problem, but I am
confident both are software issues.

Assuming no surprizes from the beta folk, the updated layout for the crystal
problem has already been implemented and with sufficient checking we should
be able to go straight to production with that layout.

Bob:  Detailed information on the t238 is available at
http://www.beals5.com/wx.  The T238+ adds a simplified radio modem interface
so that you no longer need a TNC for a basic weather station.

Gerry:  If the intent is for a multi-station setup, the T238+ can save lots
of money as stand-alone TNCs are pretty expensive.  The T238 has been a very
reliable project, so I hope that with a few months of wringing out on many
platforms I can quickly get any lockup issues resolved and the T238+ will be
as reliable.

I am actively avoiding any commit dates for the mass prodcution kit.  I've
embarrassed myself too many times trying to predict the beta kits
deployment--mostly due to not anticipating all the details from a stable
schematic to something shippable.


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Will Beals

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