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[wxsig] Beta Kits

William Beals will at beals5.com
Thu Jul 22 03:18:17 UTC 2004


Thanks for the nice words.  I've had a nice long run with the HC908 and
enjoyed this project a lot.  Adding the modem was something I've wanted to
do for a long time.  My next big project will be based on the Zilog eZ80.
That is a neat processor with some fun potential for a few project I've been
thinking of.  I've done a few PIC projecs (in assembly) and have never
really gotten comfortable with it's weird branching logic.

The one-wire sensors have been amazingly accurate and reliable.  I am pretty
sure you will be happy with them.


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I am interested in doing PIC work for this project.  But I cannot
tell you how much I appreciate the efforts and the web site dedicated
to the T238.  This is a tremendous asset.  I will likely do APRS weather
reports and GPS reports but I am not interested personally in doing this
project with the HC908 microprocessor.  I am doing the AMQRP analyzer
(and kitchen sink brigade) with that and I am looking for a different
area to learn.  The one wire instruments are amazingly nice, reasonably
inexpensive, and if sufficient stable, accurate, and rugged, will be
terrific additions to my project.

Thanks again,

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