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[wxsig] T238 SW release 1.15.2

William Beals will at beals5.com
Thu Oct 28 01:55:39 UTC 2004


This is the first joint T238/T238+ firmware release.  For T238 users your
main reason to want to upgrade to this is to help isolate some weirdnesses
with either your AAG wind direction sensor or occasional weird dewpoint
values even though %RH is being reported correctly.  I have added another
screen to the round-robin screens that will show raw sensor data.  If you
are experiencing problems, having that raw data will help me isolate the

Also, I have changed the way slightly that gust values are reported.  Russ
says that NOAA really wants the gust value reported to be the highest gust
for the past 10 minutes, not 5 minutes.  The T238 will now hold values for
the requested 10 minutes.

Code us up on http://www.beals5.com/wx, then select downloads.  Note that
the "Beta" download link is now gone as it's features have been incorporated
into the 1.15.2 release.

A general update on the T238+: Beta is almost complete.  One real issue was
discovered that will require a board spin, but the Beta units so far seem to
be operating fine. Most of the feedback has been in making the assembly
manual better.  The last thing to get more feedback on is the radio
interface and the kit should be complete.


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Will Beals

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