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[wxsig] 1.15.3R Time/Date Resetting?

William Beals will at beals5.com
Sun Apr 24 13:42:15 UTC 2005

Clay and Michael:

The time setting code (which does run at midnight local time) should check
for the presence of a DS1994 before trying to set the time, so if one is not
present, it should not get reset to 0.  Do you have one hooked up?  If you
do, the screen will state "DS1994 found..." when you first power up.

I am still trying to find something for Michaels's problem, but won't be
able to get my V3 weather head for a few weeks yet.  Nothing is jumping out
at me yet, but it is hard finding a prolem you can't see.  Since I didn't
touch that code, it is some kind of interaction with the modem code.  BTW,
Michael, does the problem still exist if you are not in "modem" mode.  Not
sure if I asked that or not.


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Hello Clay-
I think what is going on is that you have at one time had a time chip on
line. The DS1994 is what I use on my original T238.  The software will check
the time against the chip and correct itself at Midnight. I will restart
mine and watch for the time reset. I did connect the chip once.
I have not put up or added the chip to my T232+ yet because I do to not
having the wind direction working with the new V3 AAG head stock.
I have had no responses to my inquires on the list for others.  I guess I am
the only one so far with that combination.  Perhaps Will has a fix.

--- Clay Cottingham <Clay at Cottingham.net> wrote:
> Has anyone had a problem with the time and date resetting with 
> 1.15.3R? It does it once every day.
> Clay
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