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[wxsig] T238+

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Mon Aug 8 03:19:39 UTC 2005


Interesting, I hadn't heard of this bug yet, and have not tried removing it
from the weather station once installing it.  I will try to duplicate this
and let you know how it goes.  The code is only supposed to load the time if
it sees the DS1994 and skip the setting routine if it is not found.  I had
another issue where someone said the unit was rebooting at midnight local
time that I have not been able to duplicate either.

My sympathies on the barometric pressure calibration.  It is a time
consuming process.


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This is a sign of good work on your part.  
There is a bug in the time clock.  If you have set the clock with the
DS1994 time chip then remove it, the weather station will lock up at 00
zulu.  A power reset and a manuel time set will not correct the
problem.  Only keeping the DS1994 on board will correct the lock up.
Other wize I am trying to calabrate my humidity sensor by adding a pot
to the HIH3610 Vout to the DS2438.  My humidity is high by 5 to 6
degrees.  Thus my Dew point is off.
Thanks Will
--- Will Beals <will at beals5.com> wrote:

> Folks:
> I'm not sure how many of the folk that have bought the new T238+'s
> are
> subscribed to wxsig, but if you have any questions/comments, please
> post
> them here.  Wxsig traffic has been pretty quiet lately.
> will
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