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[wxsig] "Midnight Bug" found!

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Sat Aug 27 20:18:08 UTC 2005


I am pretty sure I found the elusive "midnight bug".  It appears to be
related to NOT having a DS1994 Real-time clock ibutton connected to the

I was able to duplicate the problem a few nights ago (I normally leave the
DS1994 hooked up), then got lucky to actually catch the problem in a way
that I could do a post-mortem dump and see what was going on.  The routine
itself is OK and works fine when called at initialization, but at midnight I
was calling the routine as part of an interrupt routine and that was causing
some conflicts, but only if the DS1994 was not loaded.

Release 1.15.5 (now up on the website) (http://www.beals5.com/wx, then
select downloads) reflects the fix.  For now I have simply disabled the
midnight re-reading of the DS1994.  The conflict that is generated by
re-reading the DS1994 as part of an interrupt service routine is going to be
nasty to resolve, and will be part of a later release.  The immediate
concern is to get more stable code published.


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Will Beals

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