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[wxsig] Problem with new modem+ and wind direction

jnielson at chartermi.net jnielson at chartermi.net
Tue Dec 6 18:02:35 UTC 2005

Ok Will, here's one for ya...

I just bought the modem from the 238+ for my original 238.  Built it and all seemed well.  Then I noticed that I had no wind direction display.  Just Wnd ---°.  It doesn't change when I switch from degrees to N,S...  I am using 1.15.6R and have the system in "modem" mode.  If I switch it to "tnc" mode the wind direction works again!  I show no errors on the counters screen and the bus voltage shows 4.90V.  Here's a couple of APRS packets the modem is generating showing no wind direction:
KB9RQD-4>WX1W,SOLON,K0NDX-10:@061653z4627.81N/09158.50W_.../000g009t068e1w 0300AB00AB00003B
KB9RQD-4>WX1W,SOLON,K0NDX-10:@061803z4627.81N/09158.50W_.../000g005t068e1w 03010F010F00003B

Any ideas?  I haven't tried my humidity sensor on here yet but I probably will later today. 


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