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[wxsig] Humidity and Pressure Sensor Support

J Rehkopf jrehkopf at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 14 04:28:20 UTC 2005

I bought the AAG TAI-8570 baro sensor and put it on the T238 bus. It 
shorts the bus and causes no communications. Tried it with various 
wiring configs with no luck. I haven't worked any more with it, so I 
have no answers. Jerry

Clay Cottingham wrote:

>Is there a list of supported hardware for the T238 on the site? I couldn't
>find one. I am looking at adding the TAI8540A 1-Wire Humidity Module and
>TAI8570 1-Wire Pressure Sensor from AAG Electronics. If they are supported,
>is there sufficient current from the board to support all of this with the
>rain gauge and standard sensors?
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