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[wxsig] Humidity and Pressure Sensor Support

Clay Cottingham Clay at Cottingham.net
Mon Feb 14 05:43:05 UTC 2005

Hmm. Phil, you say you have the TAI8570 running, but Jerry says it shorts
the bus. Are you doing anything different?

Jerry, did you try it with the DB-9 Serial Interface directly with a
computer to verify it wasn't the modules fault? I believe that this
interface came with the basic sensor kit and there is various software
available that you can use to test it.


>Presently using a T-238 with latest software, supporting and powering
>AAG TAI8515, TAI8540, TAI8570, and a TAI8586 rain gauge converter.
>73's ......   phil/w7oze


>I bought the AAG TAI-8570 baro sensor and put it on the T238 bus. It
>shorts the bus and causes no communications. Tried it with various
>wiring configs with no luck. I haven't worked any more with it, so I
>have no answers. Jerry

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