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[wxsig] Humidity and Pressure Sensor Support

Phil Reid phil at pixelogix.com
Mon Feb 14 07:08:59 UTC 2005

Hello all,

Utilizing RJ-11 connectors, the one-wire bus should be as follows ....

 	pin 2	--	ground
 	pin 3	--	1-wire data
 	pin 4	--	1-wire ground
 	pin 5	--	pwr +5 VDC

When I first assembled the TAI8515 ver. 2.0, with the T-238, it required 
pin 2 to have power and pin 5 to be ground. I modified the T-238 to 
match the TA8515. This was an error. I should have modified the TAI8515 
to match the T-238 which is layed out correctly for the one-wire bus.

Acquiring the TAI8570 and putting it on the modified one-wire bus, I got 
the same message Jerry received, and scratched my head for a couple of 

I acquired the RJ-11 connection specifications for each device and I 
realized what had taken place.

I returned the T-238 to its original design, and modified the TAI8515 to 

I now have the T-238 with the latest firmware, supporting and powering 
the TAI8570/Barometer, TAI8540/Humidity, TAI8585/Counter with rain 
gauge, and a TAI8515/Anemometer, all on the one-wire bus.

73's     phil/w7oze

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