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[wxsig] Humidity and Pressure Sensor Support

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Mon Feb 14 13:20:08 UTC 2005


Can I get more information on your pressure sensor?  I've got some "real 
world" problems I'm trying to solve in instrument design...

Thanks, Gerry

Aitor Arrieta wrote:
> Hi Will
> Let me offer you our total help to include  our series of sensors to the 
> T238. Our door is always open to developers that want to learn more 
> about our devices and want to include it on their designs. Our TAI8540A 
> humidity sensor is based on the DS2438 +HIH3610 so you shouldn't have 
> any problem. The TAI8570 sensor uses two DS2406 to convert from 1-Wire 
> to a special protocol needed by the presure sensor. The sensor is a 
> jewel. It's a very precise unit and don't need an external power supply. 
> All the needed power commes from the 1-wire bus.  Don't hesitate to 
> contact me directly if you have any question or if you need anything 
> from us.
> Best Regards
> Aitor Arrieta
> www.aag.com.mx
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> Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2005 5:46 PM
> Subject: RE: [wxsig] Humidity and Pressure Sensor Support
>> Clay:
>> That is a simple enough question that I am embarassed to say that I don't
>> (and should) have a complete answer for.  I know the sensors I originally
>> had and supported, but one thing that has happened over the years is that
>> other folk have made similar enough sensors that they did not need any
>> different software support and therefore just worked.  I did not keep 
>> good
>> track of those later sensors.  This has been particularly true for the
>> Humidity and BP sensors as those have gone through many designs.
>> For humidity, the T238 was designed to work with the original
>> Dallas-designed humidity sensor that based on the DS2438 and HIH-3605A.
>> Several folk have copied that design.
>> For the Barometric Pressure, the design I worked with was the 
>> Bray-Jennings
>> V3.  This is based on a DS2450 and a Motorola MPX4115A.  This particular
>> model requires a separate +12V supply.  I know there have been several
>> designs since that have run from lower voltage supplies, but not sure 
>> about
>> one that is totally bus-powered.  The nature of the Bray-Jennings 
>> design is
>> that all the T238 looks for is a particuar voltage range to represent the
>> "at sea level" BP.  There is a somewhat tricky calibration process you 
>> need
>> to go through.  As such, the T238 can be fairly well insulated from 
>> various
>> design changes.
>> This is not giving you specific models--which I know you were looking 
>> for.
>> Based on a previous request I do have a question into AAG about how their
>> sensor works, but have not heard back yet.
>> will
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>> Subject: [wxsig] Humidity and Pressure Sensor Support
>> Is there a list of supported hardware for the T238 on the site? I 
>> couldn't
>> find one. I am looking at adding the TAI8540A 1-Wire Humidity Module and
>> TAI8570 1-Wire Pressure Sensor from AAG Electronics. If they are 
>> supported,
>> is there sufficient current from the board to support all of this with 
>> the
>> rain gauge and standard sensors?
>> Thanks!
>> Clay
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