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[wxsig] too many weather station choices

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sat Jan 1 18:24:53 UTC 2005

I guess you need to specify which APRS client you're talking about.

I'm mostly familiar with Xastir, for the Linux side, although it also 
compiles on Mac OSX, Solaris, and Windows with Cygwin...  I do not 
believe the DOSAprs s/w supports *any* weather stations.

IIRC, WinAPRS supports Davis, Peet Bros, and Oregon Scientific formats.

 From the Xastir wx.c code:
// The code currently supports these types of locally-connected or
// network-connected weather stations:
//   Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2000 (Set to Data logging mode)
//   Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2000 (Set to Packet mode)
//   Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2000 (Set to Complete Record Mode)
//   Peet Brothers Ultimeter-II
//   Qualimetrics Q-Net?
//   Radio Shack WX-200/Huger WM-918/Oregon Scientific WM-918
//   Dallas One-Wire Weather Station (via OWW network daemon)
//   Davis Weather Monitor II/Wizard III/Vantage Pro (via meteo/db2APRS 

I cannot speak for APRS-SA or UIView.  Sorry.

There are other sources.  Look for K0RX's uWx.  I've used it and like 
it.  It'll accept an AAG anemometer, and there are plans to expand the 
code to accept a tipping bucket rain gauge.  I've intentions of getting 
Dave to work with me to redesign the T/H/Pb sensor board to support 
insertion into an aspirated Gill (or similar) solar radiation shield, 
but that's a nacent project.

If you really want to spend money, look at the Vaisala WXT510, that I've 
just started playing with.  While it's not really T-238 fodder, I will 
probably report on its use soon.


Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
> I've had "aprs weather station" on my list of projects for a while,
> and it's getting dangerously close to the top. I might actually
> have to build it.
> So I'm trying to choose hardware. I had long though that I would
> use a one-wire system from AAG. The basic system is relatively
> cheap, but if you add the tipping rain gauge and adapter, the
> price begins to approach one of the Davis stations. 
> I *like* the idea of one-wire. I like the idea of hooking it to
> a T238+ and possibly adding more sensors that can be sent
> as status messages. Or something. Or with an OpenTracker. Or
> possibly an augmented T238+ that's a RELAY digipeater :-)
> But I also like the idea of a Davis system with a wireless
> remote display that's in the house where I can see it instead
> of the T238+'s display that's in the closet where the APRS radio is :-)
> (It's not clear to me that the wireless Davis systems are really
> where it's at, or that they have the required serial output for
> running an APRS station - I guess TinyTrak supports the Davis protocol.)
> I'm not really considering the OS WM 918 because it seems a
> lot of people have problems with them.
> So .. words of wisdom anyone?
> 73 de chris KG6VYD
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