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[wxsig] too many weather station choices

William Beals will at beals5.com
Sun Jan 2 00:02:20 UTC 2005


Naturally I cannot be considered an unbiased source! :)  Let me relay the
reasons for creating the T238 (and T238+), as it clearly would have been
easier to just go buy something instead of creating the T238.

1) APRS support was a requirement, and I wanted it as self-contained as
possible.  The T238 was designed from the start to be a simple and cheap as
possible APRS weather station.  It still makes a pretty good standalone
station, but that wasn't it's intent.

2) I wanted the weather station to be simple as possible.  My theory is that
the simpler things are the cheaper and more reliable they are.  I didn't
want a PC involved at all in the chain.

3) I wanted low power.  The T238 (with the backlight turned off) is fully
capable of being solar powered and can be placed in an unheated (or
unairconditioned) place.  A PC left on 24/7 can easily consume $10/mo worth
of electricity, I didn't want something costing me that much to leave on all
the time.

4) With Russ's help, I got to make the weather station as accurate as
possible, following as much as I could his guidance on how best to average
and report the data as close to NOAA specs as possible--something the other
commercial weather stations don't quite do right.  With Russ's help, the
T238 is more than a basic home brew project, it has some serious theoretical

The T238 (and soon T238+) are not for someone who wants to buy something,
plug it in, and have everything work without any effort.  You have to build
it, you should put it in a nice box (a lot of effort even I haven't done!),
and it will do doubt require a bit of tinkering.  However, as with anything
you build vs buy, you will know how it works and be able to affect repairs
when (not if) something eventually starts acting flakey.  Finally, if you
are the more adventurous tinkering type, full source code and schematics are
always available.


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I've had "aprs weather station" on my list of projects for a while, and it's
getting dangerously close to the top. I might actually have to build it.

So I'm trying to choose hardware. I had long though that I would use a
one-wire system from AAG. The basic system is relatively cheap, but if you
add the tipping rain gauge and adapter, the price begins to approach one of
the Davis stations. 

I *like* the idea of one-wire. I like the idea of hooking it to a T238+ and
possibly adding more sensors that can be sent as status messages. Or
something. Or with an OpenTracker. Or possibly an augmented T238+ that's a
RELAY digipeater :-)

But I also like the idea of a Davis system with a wireless remote display
that's in the house where I can see it instead of the T238+'s display that's
in the closet where the APRS radio is :-)

(It's not clear to me that the wireless Davis systems are really where it's
at, or that they have the required serial output for running an APRS station
- I guess TinyTrak supports the Davis protocol.)

I'm not really considering the OS WM 918 because it seems a lot of people
have problems with them.

So .. words of wisdom anyone?

73 de chris KG6VYD

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