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[wxsig] Mon08c - New downloader program

William Beals will at beals5.com
Sun Jan 16 05:24:39 UTC 2005


While waiting for the new T238+ production boards to come back, I've been
fiddling with a Windows C complier.

On the downloads page I have posted a new downloader program, Mon08c.  This
is a Windows Console app, meaning it is designed to run in a Windows
environment, but still looks like a DOS app.  This new program solves to
very big problems with my previous Mon08 programs.

1) It is designed to run in a DOS window (no rebooting into DOS)
2) It also supports virtual UARTS like the ones on USB ports.

This is my first attempt at a windows-friendly program.  I've tested it on
several computers and it seems to work reliably, but I need a wider test
base.  If you do use it and try it, please give me both positive and
negative feedback, either directly or through the reflector.

If the downloader works OK, I'll work on the next step of making it a
full-blown Windows app.


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Will Beals

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