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[wxsig] Mon08c - New downloader program

Gary R. Schenaman garysch at radiks.net
Mon Jan 17 00:44:29 UTC 2005

Downloaded your mon08c program.  I am running win 98se.  Attemping to upload
using the mon08c and the program states I am missing a .dll file called
"mscoree.dll".  Any ideas?
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From: "William Beals" <will at beals5.com>
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Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2005 9:24 PM
Subject: [wxsig] Mon08c - New downloader program

> Folks:
> While waiting for the new T238+ production boards to come back, I've been
> fiddling with a Windows C complier.
> On the downloads page I have posted a new downloader program, Mon08c.
> is a Windows Console app, meaning it is designed to run in a Windows
> environment, but still looks like a DOS app.  This new program solves to
> very big problems with my previous Mon08 programs.
> 1) It is designed to run in a DOS window (no rebooting into DOS)
> 2) It also supports virtual UARTS like the ones on USB ports.
> This is my first attempt at a windows-friendly program.  I've tested it on
> several computers and it seems to work reliably, but I need a wider test
> base.  If you do use it and try it, please give me both positive and
> negative feedback, either directly or through the reflector.
> If the downloader works OK, I'll work on the next step of making it a
> full-blown Windows app.
> will
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