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[wxsig] Two reports of 1.15.3 lockups

William Beals will at beals5.com
Wed Jan 26 03:12:47 UTC 2005


I received two reports of the 1.15.3 firmware locking up today.  It is the
first reports I've heard of too.  I have been running it since posting it.
I have had a sensor go bad, but will now look at this more to confirm that.
Their two posts are below.

I will start looking into this.  If you have a T238 in a very remote
location and don't have a compelling need for the 1.15 firmware, I would
suggest holding off for a bit.


Hello Group: 
Recently uploaded 1.15.3 to my T-238 (call W0DVM). Approx 6 hours later the
T-238 stopped transmitting. The data on findu shows good data up until the
unit stopped. My battery voltage looked good so I feel fairly confident this
is an issue associated with the new firmware load. 
I did a reset on the T-238 and she came back up but died again a few days
later. Noticed this time that the time and date became corrupted before it
I have to drive 2 hours to the site so I thought I would check with the
group to see if there has been trouble with 1.15.3 and maybe I should go
back to 1.14.x or just do a reset and hope she doesn't crash again. 

   I got a problem. I have 3 T238. All three I did the latest software up
date. Then the fun started. The unit is near Albany NY. started locking on
on Temp. Every time  [3 x ] I power cycled it it ran good for
2 weeks. I decided that the unit may be bad [ had a power failure and back
up battery died]; I replaced it. Now 2 weeks later the second unit is down
for 9 hrs. I still see my telemetry and beacon. Thats 2. The unit I have at
home WA2GUG the last week has shut down 2 times. The first time the cycle
LED was stuck on. Power cycled it. Worked fine till today. The unit lost all
the IDs. This is one of the originals that you have to spin the wind
indicator. I can recalibrate it [ 2 ft of snow and more coming]. So it is
back up no wind direction.

   My question is it the software and should I go back to the older version?
This may drive me to drink ;-)

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Will Beals

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