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[wxsig] RE: Problem w/ new t-238+

Kent Ochs kentochs at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 8 23:38:30 UTC 2005

Thanks for the feedback, I have moved forward and completed the installation of the IC's.  All appears well, but I need to complete the TNC to Radio interface to complete the project.
I attempted to program my callsign into the unit, but can not program the "9" in my call sign.  0 through 8 are there,  then it skips to "A".  Is this some kind of conspiracy against those of us in "9" land:-).  

Will Beals <will at beals5.com> wrote:

Good catch! Given the resistor and diode, it isn't going to be +5V. 3.4V
is about right. I need to fix the manual.


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Have been tied up the last couple of weeks, but have finally had a chance to
signup on the sig and spend some time working on the unit.

I have some how gotten past the sensor problem and the unit is now working

I have completed the assembly of the modem. The 5 volt tests have checked
out for all tests except the P100 pin 6 test. I am measuring ~ 3.4 volts on
this pin. I have verified r109 (1.2K/brown-red-red), d101 is in correctly
(u100 pin 3 to 16 lights led), and transistor q100 is in correctly. I can
not find any explanation for the lower than 5v reading on this pin.



Will Beals wrote:

Best to discuss this on the [wxsig] forum so others can see what is going on
too, are you subscribed?

The message means that the T238+ has discovered and learned a rain gauge
sensor, but no longer sees it on the network. This is a normal thing, I
added that feature to gracefully handle folk that take down their rain
gauges during the winter. I am also pretty certain that is not the issue.

Because you got that message though, it appears you may be juggling sensors
somehow or have manually programmed in some other sensor IDs. In general
the T238(+) should handle missing sensors OK, but there may be holes in how
gracefully that is handled. If you manually entered sensor IDs, I have done
very little testing on how gracefully the T238(=+) handles typos for sensor

Do either of those situations apply to you? If so, best bet is to re-learn
sensor IDs (starting with old ones to get past the lockup) or to start over
with blank IDs or check for any typos in your ID list.


From: Kent Ochs [mailto:kentochs at sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2005 7:09 PM
To: will
Subject: Problem w/ new t-238+


I am please to say that I found no additional documentation errors. I have
successfully completed the checkout of the unit. This is a wonderful kit,
but I have encounter one problem at this point. 

The unit successful goes through the startup messages but seems to hang at
the message "Rain Guage missing! Will ignore sensor." message.

I am using this with a working AAG 1-wire (V3) weather station. I have
successfully used this unit with my basic stamp system. I have brought the
unit down from the roof and connected it via the supplied AAG cable with the
same results.

Any suggestions at this point? If you rather I post this on the WX sig I be
glad to post this there.

Thanks again and 73's

Kent Ochs

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